Are you having trouble styling your room?! We have an easy trick to help kickstart your design.

Getting clear on your color pallet is the first step to styling a cohesive space.

You heard right, a color pallet! You may be thinking to yourself that styling a room comes down to the furniture and decor, but in reality, these items have to be chosen based off of a color pallet- even if you don’t realize it.

Our go-to trick to curating the perfect pallet for a room is to choose one pattern we love, like the Byron pillow featured below, and pull colors out of the pattern!

We will walk you through this.

Byron Pillow by Shay Spaniola, color pallet

As you can see above, we pulled out four colors from the Byron pillow. The colors range from a dark charcoal to a light, misty gray!

Now that we have our color pallet pulled from the pattern, all of the furniture, art and decor will follow these colors. (You don’t have to have the exact colors, just in the same family!)

We have created a diagram below so that that you can easily see the colors chosen in this bedroom’s decor. (Styling by the lovely @isabellastylenc!)

Bedroom color pallet derived from the Byron Pillow.

Viola! You have a cohesive space with furniture and decor all derived from the same point– a pattern.

This method can be used with any pattern you may adore! Bright colors? No problem! Even if you think the color pallet may seem a bit unusual, go with it! As long as you stick to the shades within the same pattern the room will feel cohesive with that one pillow or fabric pattern holding it all together.

Insider Tip!

If you ever feel unsure about your color pallet, create a moodboard with inspiration for your space. This trick will help you see the colors laid out together and allows you to make changes before committing to the design.

Check out this one below!

Byron pattern moodboard

Time to start transforming your space!

Head to the bunglo website to browse patterns by color!

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