60s Chartreuse

Similar to the way fashion trends circle back around, interior trends do as well. Lately, amongst our modern design world, you can find pops of vintage charm resurfacing. Some gems from the sixties may have never left! One of these gems is the color chartreuse.

Sixties design can be defined by shapes, movement and deep colors– cherry reds, mustard yellows and (yep!) chartreuse are the core colors that make up the vintage pallet. Not to mention an array of browns, turquoises and burnt orange tones. What a time to design!

So, chartreuse? Resting somewhere between a yellow and a green– it’s a unique color! One that holds so much character within its vibrations. A simple pop of chartreuse will give your space a funky glamour that welcomes each guest and provides the overall aura with a vintage allure.

Here’s some sixties design inspiration featuring chartreuse!

Interiors Featuring Chartreuse
(Photo Via Kelly Wearstler)
Interiors Featuring Chartreuse
(Photo Via Ulrika Edin)
Interiors Featuring Chartreuse
(Photo Via Design Is Fine)

So, how do we incorporate chartreuse in our homes today?

Chartreuse can be used in patterns, as a base color or as a statement furniture piece. Don’t be afraid to have fun with this color, as it will grab your guests’ attention and keep the energy high in your space!

Interiors Featuring Chartreuse Color Pallet
(Photo Via bunglo)

Featured above are a few throw pillows featuring chartreuse. It is easy to choose a pattern you love and allow the colors to shine through! This adds fun color to your design without having to commit to investing in a large statement piece.

For those of you who know you love chartreuse and are ready to take the plunge into full vintage mode– try an accent wall! Or even a sofa that features this color. Mixing lighter and darker tones of chartreuse also yields a charming effect.

Focus on brining the color into your space in ways that feel true to your design aesthetic. Maybe, you are obsessed with all things 60s and 70s and want to fully commit to the design! But if you are a little apprehensive to completely drop your modern aura, try incorporating chartreuse in a way that won’t compromise your modern, mid century or regency edge.

We’ve rounded up a few design images featuring chartreuse in the modern design world!

Interiors Featuring Chartreuse
(Photo Via Tsaruk & Ahmadova)
Interiors Featuring Chartreuse
(Photo Via Aesthetic Oiseau)
Interiors Featuring Chartreuse
(Photo Via Miriam B Hunt)
Interiors Featuring Chartreuse
(Photo Via Conde Nast Store)
Interiors Featuring Chartreuse
(Photo Via Flor)
Interiors Featuring Chartreuse
(Photo Via Jonathan Adler)

Are you obsessed with chartreuse yet?? We are! With so many ways to incorporate this vintage charmer into your space, you will be sure to find the right fit for your next design project!

If you’re in search of more design inspiration, continue on to read our article featuring 3 Frank Lloyd Wright Works We Love! And don’t forget to leave a comment or share this post with your design loving friends!

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