Interior Color Pallet

Creating a color pallet that feels both cohesive and unique can be difficult for some, but there is an easy way to design your color style using one simple guide– a favorite pattern you love!

When decorating your room, start with a pattern made up of 3-5 colors. These colors will make up your color pallet for the rest of your room. The easiest way to bring pattern into your space is by selecting a throw pillow you adore.

Once you’ve found the perfect patterned pillow, lay out the colors within the design to finalize your pallet.

As a visual reference, we have selected the Vista Pillow, by bunglo, styled by Hakuna Haus.

Color Pallet From Pattern

Now you have the pallet, so what’s next?

The hard part is over!! Since your colors are now locked in, you can simply select furniture and decor pieces in those colors. Don’t worry, the colors do not have to be exact! As long as you stick to similar tones, your pallet will feel cohesive throughout. A little variation in tone can bring a new dimension to your space.

Insider Hint…

Do you want the exact colors in your pillow as paint for your walls/murals? You can bring your physical pillow to the store to get an exact color match! You can also do this to help choose while shopping different furniture & decor options.

Pattern Color Guide

In the image above, you can see a layout of the color guide derived from the pillow pattern.

🌿Green– The plant decor features a natural tone of green, also found in the pillow.

🌼Yellow–The yellow/mustard tone is represented in the drum coffee tables.

🌊Blue– The navy/teal tones are creatively utilized in the wall mural.

🐚Gray– To hold all of these bold tones together, the sofa is a neutral gray.

Along with the Vista Pillow, the rug features navy, yellow and gray acting as another great decor piece to help tie everything together.

Color Pallet From Pattern
(Photo Via Hakuna Haus)

When looking at all of these pieces separately, you may feel confused or lost, but with the throw pillow tying them together the space feels cohesive! How easy is that? Next time you are looking to curate a space with a colorful pallet, turn to patterns–they act as a pre-made color guide, specially made for you!

Insider Hint…

Bunglo offers a styling service if you get stuck with your pattern, and also has over 500 hand painted patterns to choose from. Plus, you can shop by color on their home page to make your color selections extra easy!

Color Pallet From Pattern Interior Design
(Photo Via Hakuna Haus)

We hope this helps to diminish the color pallet stress and enlightens your home through colors that bring you a positive energy!

For more insight on colors, patterns and all things home, explore the rest of our articles and share your favorites with your friends!

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