Firewood Display

Fall and winter necessity? Firewood.

The season for snuggling up with a good book next to a roaring fire is here– and it’s only getting colder!

It’s true that gas fireplaces are becoming a staple in new modern homes, but if you’re into the old-school ways, like us, then lighting up the fire place or outdoor pit requires stacks of wood. Now, with these large stacks of wood, comes a ton of space and sometimes even dirt and bugs!!

Where in the world are we going to put these logs in our clean, cozy home without ruining the entire feng shui?

The easy answer– outside. Stacking up the wood in a visually pleasing manner outside is a great option, but if you live in extremely cold climates, you may not want to be trekking to the side of your house mid snow storm. If you’re keen for a little DIY, check out these ways to display your firewood inside!

DIY Firewood Display
(Photo Via Be Purposed)
DIY Firewood Display
(Photo Via HGTV)

Have an empty fireplace wall? Hang a floating metal or wood rack that will act as a case for your firewood. This will add a natural design element in your space while still brining in a modern feel!

(Photo Via Lana Lou Style)

Floor storage space is a must in a small space- in the winter, fill it up with your fire wood! This makes the logs easily accessible and brings a bit of the natural landscape indoors.

DIY Firewood Display
(Photo Via Lana Lou Style)

Have empty spaces in your home? You can find a corner of your home near the fireplace and stack the wood nicely to give a natural look to your space. The wood will look like it was meant to be there!

DIY Firewood Display
(Photo Via Remodelista)

Are you handy? Explore with metal or wood work to create a minimalistic firewood holder to display the logs. If you’re not the handiest person, simply buy one from an enlightened designer!

DIY Firewood Display
(Photo Via Remoldelista)

Have an old bureau you no longer need? Repurpose it! Remove the drawers or shelves, and finish it with a fresh coat of paint. Your fire wood stacks will slide nicely into the, now large, open space!

Ready to cozy up by the fire?! With your firewood just an arms length away, you’ll be sure to get in lots of fireside reading time!

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