Enlightened Gifts
Having trouble finding the perfect gift to bring your selfless, super entertainer, best friend, party guru host??

Choosing gifts can be difficult, especially for that bad ass host that never fails to curate a magical night for you! And with fall finally here, dinner parties and small gatherings are probably quickly filling up your calendar!

So what do you get for one of these enlightened hosts that is worthy of showing your upmost gratitude?

No need to stress– we have rounded up our favorite gift ideas that will make any enlightened super host feel loved and appreciated and allow you to chill out and enjoy the event, worry free!

Host Gift Ideas
(Photo Via bunglo)
Eucalyptus Wine Bag

We adore this “traveling” wine bag from bunglo. Not only is the pattern beautiful, the bag is eco friendly and meant to be gifted forward!The tag on the bag shows where the bag has been each time it was gifted. Although, don’t be surprised if your host falls in love with the bag and keeps it for themselves!! Slip a bottle of your host’s favorite wine and you’re good to go!

Host Gift Ideas
(Photo Via Afloral)
Dried Flower Bouquet

Dried flower bouquets make for beautiful gifts! The dried flowers will last a lifetime as opposed to live bouquets that will only last a few days. If you know that your host loves dainty flowers, pick up a dried bouquet in colors that go with the event, so your host can display them!

Host Gift Ideas
(Photo Via Concrete Candles)
Fall Candles

You can never go wrong with candles! Think about your host and the perfect scent for them. Finding candles that are hand poured or come in cute pots like these concrete ones will make the gift extra special.

Host Gift Ideas
(Photo Via Lit Rituals)
Aromatherapy Burn Bundles

Burn bundles are an incredibly thoughtful gift for the enlightened host. We love this ‘Wand of Libra’ bundle from Lit Rituals, especially since October is the month of the Libra! Your host will be dying to burn their bundle and wind down from the party.

Host Gift Ideas
(Photo Via Seedlip)

Is your host always excited to try new mock-tails in the kitchen? If ye, they will love these non-alcoholic seedlip cocktails + a recipe book for more experimentation!

Curated Thank You Cards

Want to go with a simple option? A carefully picked, funny/sentimental thank you card is a great way to express your gratitude. Your kind host will love reading your warm words and leave them feeling appreciated. You can choose a card that will get a cheeky chuckle or go with a card featuring a local artist’s work!

We hope you’re feeling inspired with these host gift ideas! Grab your favorite and get ready for all of your fall events!

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