Indoor Plants
Are you dreaming of turning your bungalow into a jungalow?🌿

Bring nature inside with indoor plants that are easy to care for. In our busy days it’s hard to commit to adding more work into our sanctuaries, but with these no-fuss indoor plants your home will start looking like a tropical jungle in no time – and with little to no added hassel!

Don’t let plant care scare you off, incorporating plants into your home will bring a new liveliness and bright vibe inside. They are sure to boost your mood every time you notice a new growth!

Check out these low maintenance, indoor plants you won’t kill!

Indoor Plants
(Photo Via Domino)


The Monstera plant is low maintenance and will transform your space into a tropical getaway.

Indoor Plants
(Photo Via Patch Plants)


Aloe not only looks great, it is also great to have on hand for those mid summer sun burns or a soothing spa night!

Indoor Plants
Indoor Plants(Photo Via Euny and Burke)


Pothos plants are extremely easy to care for and will bring in a vine-like look to your jungle set up.

(Photo Via Apartment Therapy)

Dracaena Gigant

The Dracaena looks as if it should be on a tropical beach landscape. This plant will make a statement in your home, while still being easy to care for.

Indoor Plants
(Photo Via Domino)

Jade Plant

Jade Plants are cute little guys, with a lot of versatility! You can place the thick, succulent leaves in other pots when the plant is growing too big. there are also hanging jade plants you should check out!

Indoor Plants
(Photo Via Leaf+Lolo)

Snake Plant

The snake plant is one of the easiest indoor plants to care for. This plant will not die – unless you really never look after it!! It’s tall, stiff leaves make a beautiful addition to any room.

Do you have the jungalow fever now? Show us your plant style and follow us on pinterest for more inspiration!

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