modern skylights

Why does being indoors have to block our view of the outside? Bring nature indoors! We love homes designed to feel as if you are living amongst nature- whilst protected from the elements. What better way to see the stars or the morning sun than from a skylight in your home?

Letting in the natural light isn’t just a design detail, it is also a way to promote healthy living and increased positive vibes in your home! Brighten up your space with ceiling skylights or floor to ceiling windows. You will start to have trouble figuring out where the landscape stops and your home begins!!

You never have to sacrifice natural views with these modern skylights!

Ultimate Modern Skylights
(Photo Via Home Adore)

Modern kitchen skylight located in Melbourne, Australia– Designed by Chan Architecture.

Ultimate Modern Skylights
(Photo Via Dezeen)

Home in North London designed by Mulroy Architects and Manea Kella.

Ultimate Modern Skylights
(Photo Via Courtesy Lisbeth Grosman+Dwell)

Beachside Melbourne home designed by Sheri Haby Architects.

Ultimate Modern Skylights
(Photo Via Contemporist)

Lakeside home in Washington State, designed by the architecture firm, Olson Kundi.

Modern home in Connecticut designed by Harvard Five architect, John Johansen.

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