Minimalistic Van Life

Van Buildouts For Magic, Minimalistic Travels.

There’s something so intriguing about riding off the grid and into some unknown territory with little worries. Chasing the surf, the mountains, the slopes– whatever it may be, there is a simple art in treading a minimalistic life of travel. I will never forget the incredible, minimalistic vans I witnessed while living in Bondi Beach, Australia. Surfers from around the globe gathered here with just basic necessities and a stoked mindset. It is quite wild how you can make a van so accessible to your everyday needs. Just the basics, nothing more. It’s the new way of creating your eco home. Take a look into these minimalistic, bohemian van buildouts that will inspire your next mobile adventure and take you into the full swing of van life.

Minimalistic Van Life
(Photo Via Spell & The Gypsy)
Minimalistic Van Life
(Photo Via Home Style)
Minimalistic Van Life
(Photo Via Lonny)
Minimalistic Van Life
(Photo Via Project Van Life)
Minimalistic Van Life
(Photo Via Rebecca Moroney)
Minimalistic Van Life
(Photo Via Surf Girl Mag)
Minimalistic Van Life
(Photo Via The Drifter)

Can you imagine backing up your van to the ocean and waking up to the roar of the crashing waves? Or opening your doors to the crisp morning snowfall by the slopes? Wishing you safe and enlightened travels on your next awaiting adventure.

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