Fall Table

Table Set Up to Curate The Perfect Dinner Party Table This Fall.

As the weather eases into breezy fall nights, our dinner parties are about to move outside to soak in every last bit of warmth before the winter hits. Hosting a dinner party can be stressful if you aren’t a natural born event planner– but with a few tips and tricks, you’ll be hosting with intention and have your guests completely fooled.

(Photo Via The Inspired Home)

Whether you’re lounging with some citrus sundowners or planning a three course meal, your tabletop will set the mood for the evening and provide a welcoming space for your guests, ultimately opening up the floor for good conversation and memories that last.

Linen Fall Table Settings
(Photo Via Bunglo)

Setting up your table can be easy with the right tools. A quality napkin with a fun, intriguing pattern, or simply a calming color, will make all the difference and bring a sense of cohesiveness to the table. Here are three napkins from enlightened shops to elevate your tabletop this fall!

Bunglo Emerald Organic Napkin Set

(Photo Via Bunglo)

These Bunglo napkins are made with organic cotton and made here in the USA. Pair with brass utensils and wooden accents, or for a simple look, use white dishes to let the patterns speak for themselves. With prints in nearly every color, these napkins will be sure to enlighten your tabletop set up, inspire your guests and make a statement!

Linen Feldhaus Napkins

(Photo Via Heath Ceramics)

For a neutral option, the Linen Feldhaus Napkins by Heath Ceramics provide an earthy tone to your set up. The flax linen is soft and will bring a natural aesthetic to your tabletop. Shades of sand and charcoal will ground your space and act as perfect accents for fall. Style these with black ceramic dishes and stone vases filled with local fall blooms for an Earthy feel.

I Love Linen Pure French Linen Napkins

(Photo Via I Love Linen)

Solid color, linen napkins are a sophisticated classic. I Love Linen is an aussie brand, home to lovely shades of sage, white, blush and more. All napkins are made with 100% pure french linen– soft to the touch, clean for your skin and adds an overall elegance to set the table!

We hope these napkins will help you feel confident in setting up your dream dinner table! There are many other ways to bring your tabletop together– like adding vases with flowers or even an eclectic array of glasses. Whatever your style may be, there are napkins out there to shape up your space and allow you to host with intention. Cheers to many lovely fall nights surrounded with good company.

(Photo Via La Cura)

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