Mid Century Modern Vacation Home in Guatemala

Volcanic mountains, colorful homes and streets full of pattern…

Tucked away in a small village, my friend QK’s mid century modern vacation home is an internationally getaway you have to see!

Modern Kitchen
Rustic Modern Kitchen

Her family’s modern country home is filled with eclectic art and native Guatemalan designs. Tastefully designed with a natural exposed kitchen + living room ceiling, featuring an antique cobblestone wall.

Cobblestone Kitchen
Cobblestone Kitchen

QK has an eye for displaying her decor. The random placement of her collected masks is bold and feels like a living museum.

Light Fixture
Handmade Light Fixture in Kitchen

A perfect blend between handmade, rustic and modern.

Modern Fireplace
Modern Fireplace with Native Artwork

Colorful art work that captures the stories of her vivid country.

Circular Fireplace with Artisan Crafts
Circular Fireplace with Artisan Crafts
Mid Century Modern Bedroom
Mid Century Modern Bedroom

Large windows and minimal furniture placement makes this room unique. The blush carpet gives the space a 70’s vibe.

Modern Guest Bedroom
Native Textiles in Modern Guest Bedroom

Native textiles fill the home, bright colors mixed with natural earth tones is the theme in her modern vacation home!

Modern Herman Miller Chair
Modern Herman Miller Chair

Herman Miller is on trend. Add a bunglo lumbar pillow for the perfect reading nook 🙂

Modern Bath
Modern Walk-In Bath

Dream bath. With a view of the mountains!

Blush Bedroom
Modern Bedroom in Blush

A peaceful room with shamanistic art and a lunar pillow – mystical dream expected.

Modern Artisan Decor
Modern Artisan Decor
Back Patio
Back Patio

The view from the back of the home, the gardens were natural and calming.

Back Patio View
Natural Color Palette, View from Back Patio
Mid Century Modern Cobblestone Home
Mid Century Modern Cobblestone Home

QK at the entrance of her home – how cool is her vacation getaway?

Colorful Antigua
Colorful Streets of Antigua

Back in Antigua for the day, I captured the vibrant street colors on a quiet Sunday.

Hotel Casa Shalom
Hotel Casa Shalom in Antigua
Colorful Artisan Textiles
Colorful Artisan Textiles in Antigua

This hammock and textile store was a dream. I could’ve moved in…

Handwoven Textiles
Handwoven Native Textiles

Native textiles from the local market. I picked up a few for our home – each design shares a story!

Colorful Guatamala
Colorfully Decorated Guatemala

Colorful accents are a part of life in Guatemala.

Whitewashed Guatemala
Whitewashed Guatemala
Sitting Area at Porta Hotel Antigua
Sitting Area at Porta Hotel Antigua

Back at my hotel, I spent the afternoon relaxing and sketching as I was full of inspiration!

Porta Hotel Antigua
Porta Hotel Antigua

Stay tuned for our first collection from Guatamala launching next week!


4 responses to “Mid Century Modern Vacation Home in Guatemala”

  1. Carolina Quiroz Avatar
    Carolina Quiroz

    these are truly amazing shots. love them. very inspiring


    1. Shay Spaniola Avatar

      Thanks Carolina!! I thought her home was pretty inspiring 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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